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General articles

Municipality of Barcs (BVÖ) has the right to create and/or publish content on the Internet page (Internet portal) (hereafter: Internet page).

Persons using this page (hereafter: Users) also unconditionally agree to these Terms of Use and it shall be considered that they are capable of accepting these Terms of Use and that they understand all of the risks related to such use of the content published herein.

The use of the content available on the Internet page (regardless of whether it is freely available to any User or it is available on a limited basis by the use of secure information technology systems and applications) is only permitted in the manner and under the conditions set forth in these Terms of Use.

Every other use of the content available on the Internet page is subject to the appropriate legal protection and also to the application of legally available measures toward the User and/or a third party that makes use of the content available herein.


Published content

Content that is published and available on the Internet page includes text, graphics, trademarks, logos, photographs, videos and other audiovisual content, computer applications and databases, and other technical and informational materials regardless of the method of their presentation or publication or their availability to the User.


Ownership of intellectual property rights

The content published on the Internet page is protected by the regulations governing the ownership of the intellectual property rights and every unauthorized use can represent a basis for the initiation of a procedure to protect those rights against a User by BVÖ or a third party that holds the copyright.

Upon publishing copyrighted content, BVÖ will show the name of the author of that content, i.e. the copyright owner, in an optimal way that will not lead to increased costs or the implementation of special technical solutions.


Accessibility of the Internet page

BVÖ cannot guarantee the availability of the Internet page at all times to all types of devices and browsers, and all communications links. The Internet page can be unavailable entirely or partially, temporarily or longer, for technical or other reasons (maintenance, errors, unavailability of the communications links, force majeure, decisions of public authorities, etc.) BVÖ shall not be held liable for any damages arising from the unavailability of the Internet page. BVÖ can at any time carry out modifications to the Internet page in any way and in any form, which includes changes to the visual identity, design, architecture, content management system, and other application solutions related to the functioning of the Internet page.


Character of published content and liability of BVÖ

Content published and made available on this Internet page is of an exclusively informational character and has been acquired from sources that BVÖ considers reliable, without any type of guarantee from BVÖ, explicitly or tacitly, that it is accurate, timely, complete and/or suitable for a specific purpose or specific use. The User shall use such content at his own risk and BVÖ shall not be held liable for any damages arising from the use or interpretation of the same. The published content and information do not in any way represent an offer or an invitation to make an offer for the buying and selling of, or any other type of transaction in connection with, the published content and information.


Method and purpose of the use of the content

BVÖ grants to the User limited, nontransferable, and nonexclusive permission to view, print, copy, and in any other way use the content of this Internet page, exclusively for personal and noncommercial use, i.e. for the purpose of promoting Barcs as a tourist destination, under the condition that such downloaded content is not changed or deformed in any way (including publication on web pages of a morally inappropriate content) and that BVÖ is identified as the author of that content.

Any other method or purpose for the use of the content is permissible only with the prior written consent of BVÖ and/or another legal owner of the content copyright, only by the party to whom that consent was given and in a way and for the purpose cited in that consent.


Method of accessing Internet page and the published content

Access to the Internet page is available for an unlimited number of people with the appropriate computer equipment and Internet connection. BVÖ reserves the right in certain cases (maintenance, errors, unavailability of the communications links, force majeure, the decisions of public authorities, etc.) to limit the method and opportunity of accessing the Internet page, completely or partially, temporarily or longer, both to all Users and to an individual User or groups of Users. In any of these cases, BVÖ shall not be held liable for any damages arising from limiting the access to the Internet page and the published content.

Upon accessing the Internet page and content, the User is obliged to use standard technical equipment and the usual standards and methods of accessing Internet page. The content published on the Internet page can be searched only through the use of the permissible methods of information technology in a manner and in a quantity that is normal for an individual User. Every other method of searching and/or using the content that bypasses the security systems and applications of information technology, or during which certain applications or tools are used for the simultaneous downloading of an amount of data that is not normal for an individual User, represents a violation of BVÖ’s copyright, for which a User shall bear the corresponding material and criminal responsibilities.

Third-party content

The Internet page may contain third-party content, such as forums, screensavers, applications, etc. that third parties can independently download or create.

BVÖ does not guarantee that such content is completely free from third-party rights, especially in terms of intellectual ownership.

For these reasons, BVÖ is not responsible for damages that a User may incur by the use of third-party content in any form, regardless of whether it is the result of a request from a third party or of the incorrect functioning of the downloaded content.


Right to change content

BVÖ reserves the right to change or remove (temporarily or permanently) any content or services on the Internet pages, without prior notification and at any moment, and it shall not be held liable for any damages arising from such actions.


Links to external content

This Internet page contains content and information from third parties and/or links to other Internet content. BVÖ is in no way responsible for the content or external sources of data that can be reached by these links to such web pages, and it is not responsible for the conditions and the manner in which this content is used.

BVÖ cannot guarantee either the accessibility of external content or the correct functioning of the links to that content, and it shall not be held liable for any damages arising from the access to or use of such content. Users are responsible for independently deciding if they want such content and for the manner in which way they access this Internet page via the links, and they are solely responsible for such actions and are aware of the consequences that might ensue from undertaking them.


Right to privacy and collecting user data

BVÖ respects the privacy of the Users of its Internet page. Data from the registration process and other information about a User will not be made available to a third party and it will not be accessible to a third party except in a case where such an obligation is prescribed by valid regulations.

In accordance with the law, BVÖ can collect certain information about Users obtained during their use of this Internet page. BVÖ uses the data collected primarily to improve the functionality of this Internet page and its content in order to direct and adapt them to Users, and it may also be used for other activities, which include the promotion of Barcs tourism, i.e. carrying out the main tasks of BVÖ, and which includes but is not limited to:

–        preparing analyses of habits and preferences of Users for market research and optimization of the Internet page (including analyses obtained with the use of third-party tools such as Google Analytics, etc.)

–        adapting the Internet page to new and different technical solutions or the needs of the Users

–        optimization of the intuitiveness and ease of access to and use of the content

–        remarketing of User requests, or retargeting of Users to promote Barcs tourism.

To collect specific data on the activities or request of Users, BVÖ may use special small files, “cookies,” that are downloaded on the User’s computer and serve specific purposes. Accordingly, BVÖ also publishes a corresponding cookie policy on its Internet page, which Users will see when they access the pages for the first time. The cookie policy describes the types of cookies and BVÖ’s purpose in using them, and it gives Users of the opportunity to refuse to accept cookies. On the other hand, if they accept cookies, they are agreeing to the manner and purpose of using cookies and that BVÖ will not be held liable for any damages arising from the storage and use of cookies in the manner and for the purpose of which the User agreed to accept the cookie policy.

The cookie policy is published separately from these Terms of Use, but is makes up a component part of them.

While accessing the Internet page, BVÖ may temporarily store the IP addresses of Users. These addresses can be stored and used only for the purpose of monitoring the activities of Users on the Internet page (activity log) in order to uncover violations of law or these Terms of Use, and to establish illegal or other unacceptable activities. Information on IP addresses and the monitoring of the activities of Users can at any time be turned over to the competent public authorities to establish the legally-based responsibilities of the User. The storage of IP addresses and information on User activities is temporary; the longest period of time that they will be held is one month.

BVÖ is obligated, in accordance with valid regulations and these Terms of Use, to protect the privacy of the Users of this Internet page, except in the event of a violation of these Terms of Use or actions by a User that are contrary to positive regulations.


Opting out

By default, the browsing experience of website visitors is tracked by Google Analytics in order to produce anonymised statistics. You may choose not to be tracked (opt-out). If you change your mind, you can choose to be tracked again (opt-in).


Do not track preferences

Do not track is a function that allows visitors to opt out from being tracked by websites for any purpose including the use of analytics services, advertising networks and social platforms. Do not track options are available in a number of browsers including:


Internet Explorer




  • If you enable do not track in your web browser, Google Analytics will respect your choice;
  • If you have enabled the do not track function, you will not be tracked. This is in addition to you opting-out of the aggregation and analysis of data for our website statistics;
  • If you have not enabled the do not track option but you choose to opt-out, the cookie ‘piwik_ignore’ will be stored in your browser. All visitors with a piwik_ignore cookie will not be tracked by Google Analytics;
  • If you have disabled all cookies from your browser, we will still collect some general data about your browsing (e.g. a record of a visitor to our website) but they will be less accurate and your visit will not be tracked (Piwik cookies are not used).


Registered users

BVÖ may permit access to certain content only to registered Users. To register on this Internet page, a User must complete the registration procedure, provide accurate data, and select a user name and password.

BVÖ reserves the right to remove or deny the ability to use a User Account and/or one or more services for which a User is registered without prior notification or explanation.

BVÖ shall not be held liable for damages arising from removal of a User Account and/or one or more services for which a User is registered or for damages arising from the unauthorized use of the User Account by a third party.

(It is currently not possible to register on the website.)


Severability clause

If any of the articles of these Terms of Use are subsequently established to be invalid, that fact will not have an effect on the other articles of these Terms of Use, which will remain valid.


Dispute resolution and applicable law

All disputes in connection with these Terms of Use, including disputes related to the questions of their start, content, or termination, will be resolved amicably, but in the event that they cannot be successfully negotiated, the competent court in Barcs shall have jurisdiction.

These Terms of Use have been prepared in accordance with Croatian law, and Croatian law will be applied to them and to disputes arising from them, without changing the articles of Croatian law on forwarding to a third country’s legal system (renvoi) that part that is permitted by international regulations.


Changes to the Terms of Use

BVÖ reserves the right to change these Terms of Use at any time and it shall not be held liable for consequences arising from such changes. These changes shall go into effect on the day of their publication on the Internet page.