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VICINaD – Virtual re-connection of industrial nodes along the Drava between Hungary and Croatia

Project ID: VICINaD HUHR/1901/2.1.2/0120

Participating in the project “Virtual re-connection of industrial nodes along the Drava between Hungary and Croatia (VICINaD)” (project ID: VICINaD HUHR/1901/2.1.2/0120), the Municipality of Barcs was granted funding from the INTERREG V-A Hungary-Croatia Co-operation Programme.

As part of the project, first the old salt storage house located by the side of Drava river at Barcs is reconstructed, leading to the creation of a multifunctional community space: a Mobility Centre for visitors arriving by train, by boat or riding a bicycle, and an interactive exhibition and information centre for tourists interested in finding out about local sights. Furthermore, preparations for the improvement of Drava ports and passenger terminals are carried out, in order to strengthen the maintenance of former industrial nodes between Hungary and Croatia.

The lead partner of the project is the Municipality of Barcs, with the Municipality of Belišće in Croatia acting as project partner, where an old, disused train is displayed in one of the downtown squares, with an interactive exhibition inside, similar in its theme to the one in Barcs. The purpose of the joint programme is to develop buildings and areas used in the Dualist era and thus create new tourist attractions.

Another partner of the project is the Port Authority Osijek, which is responsible for the management of the ports in Croatia located on the Drava. Their task is to prepare the development of ports on the Drava river, in order to make the Drava an active cross-border tourist destination. In the framework of the project, they are responsible for the preparation of the following documents:

  • Cross-border navigation potentials analysis and handbook for cross-border river cruising procedures;
  • Study of environmentally friendly vessels concept for natural tourism
  • Project documentation for passenger terminal Belišće (for building permit)

Documents for download

Start of the project: 2019
Operative Programme: Interreg
Total budget: 1 597 840 EUR

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