Interactive exhibition

The 98 m2 exhibition area situated in the Mobility Centre comprises five different elements, and besides the wall decoration having a pleasant atmosphere, there are also bean bag chairs, benches and tables to be used in various games.

Mobility Centre

After its reconstruction, the old salt storage house turned into a multifunctional tourism station which, just like caravanserays in the past, offers relaxation and recreation to the tired wayfarer.

Barcs Wanderer

Bearing town rank since 1979 and located within the area of Duna-Drava National Park, Barcs is the southern gate to Somogy County and the capital of the Drava river. It is a dynamically developing small town on the Hungarian-Croatian state border, covering an area of 123 km2 and serving as the natural centre for the Barcs microregion, with a population in excess of 10,000.