The Drava connects us

Even before twin town connections were established, strong sports-related relationship with the Croatian Virovitica had been existing, enriched by frequent sport meetings and events. In the 1960s, football players of the two towns played matches in the framework of cross-border tournaments. An interesting fact is that before the opening of the Drava-bridge in 1968, the teams travelled to Virovitica by train, via Gyékényes.
Horvát kapcsolódas - Barcs, Virovitica
Horvát kapcsolódás - határfutás

The first Virovitica-Barcs state border running race organised in 1989 provided a new opportunity for citizens of the two towns to meet. Apart from short disruptions (war in 1991-1993, Covid virus in 2020-2021), the border running race has meant an important connection for sportsmen of the two sister towns until present time.

Széchényi kastely - Somogytarnóca
At the winter event of small-sided football tournaments, football fans can meet in both towns, just like in the case of the summer water sports competitions. On the level of associations, handball players and footballers strengthen the continuous cooperation. In addition to cultural relations, the Association of Croatian Nationality in Barcs keeps increasing the number of sports meetings too. Their distinguished programme is the bowling competition held every autumn which also means an informal, cheerful relationship between the two nations.
Horvát kapcsolódás - teke
Horvát kapcsolódás - kerékpártúra

Citizens of the two towns regularly participate in bicycle tours, touching Barcs – Virovitica, National Park and Barcs – Križnica Drava suspension bridge. These tours serve as a perfect leisure activity for both young and old.

Dráva - horgászat, Barcs - Duna Dráva Nemzeti Park

Drava nas spaja – the Drava connects us

In recent years, town twinning has been intensified through joint EU IPA projects. Exchanges between educational institutions represent the future in the co-operation between Hungary-Croatia as well as Barcs-Virovitica.

Drava nas spaja – the Drava connects us. This slogan has been used in the region in several recent co-operation schemes along the Drava. Both Hungarians and Croatians have believed in a fruitful collaboration between them.

Dráva - horgászat, Barcs - Duna Dráva Nemzeti Park