Mobility Centre

The Mobility Centre building and functions

After its reconstruction, the old salt storage house turned into a multifunctional tourism station which, just like caravanserays in the past, offers relaxation and recreation to the tired wayfarer. In addition to receiving shelter and refreshment, tourists arriving here by train, car, by riding a horse or a bicycle, on water or on foot, will be able to obtain information about the sights of the region, and will even have the chance to organise their way on. The Mobility Centre is a place which is good both to arrive at and be around, because it offers a contentful stay.


Mobilitási Központ - Barcs, Sótároló


The community area comprising two rooms occupying the building can attract people of all age groups, since the interactive installations set up here offer a playful way of finding out about the values found in Barcs and the surrounding areas. The community space is made up of a square-shaped ground floor and a gallery. The gallery can be a place for tourists individually gaining information: because of its relative isolation and shape, devices involving sounds are also installed here. In addition to Hungarian language, all the contents of the exhibition are available in English and Croatian, too.


Mobilitási Központ - Interaktív látogatóközpont


The exhibition

Visitors arriving at the Mobility Centre first step into the community area on the ground level where a board game and smart points are installed. You can find out about the interactive exhibition here.