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Water tours

The 149-162 river kilometre section of the Drava is suitable for river sports. Within this reach sporting activities are allowed. The renewed Barcs boat harbour is the starting point for many Drava water tours, and canoe trips have also become increasingly popular in recent years.

The Water Sports and Hiking Division was established in Barcs in February 2001, acting as the basis of local water sports life. The formation of the Division provided a new type of leisure activity for people who love water and nature and long for silence.

Their activities became more complex when the Division expanded their portfolio, thereby undertaking to organize walking and cycling tours. Their 1-8-day organized water tours take place from mid-March to mid-September. Their hiking and cycling day-tours in the area of Barcs and in the area of Duna-Drava National Park take place all year round, normally covering 5-60 km and educating about nature in the area. Equipment and qualified tour guides are provided for the tours. For multi-day tours, accommodation is provided in tent sites. For water tours a backup car is ensured so that the hikers’ luggage can be transported on land. In several cases, the tent sites are far from populated areas, thus if necessary, the car can also assist in some shopping.

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